miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018


All of my life, I've been searching 
For the words to say how I feel. 
I'd spend my time thinking too much 
And leave too little to say what I mean 
I've tried to understand the best I can 
All of my life.

All of my life, I've been saying sorry 
For the things I know I should have done 
All the things I could have said come back to me 
Sometimes I wish that it had just begun 
Seems I'm always that little too late 
All of my life

Set 'em up, I'll take a drink with you 
Pull up a chair, I think I'll stay 
Set 'em up, 'cause I'm going nowhere 
There's too much I need to remember, too much I need to say

All of my life, I've been looking  
But it's hard to find the way 
Reaching past the goal in front of me 
While what's important just slips away 
It doesn't come back but I'll be looking 
All of my life

All of my life, there have been regrets 
That I didn't do all I could 
Making records upstairs, while he watched TV 
I didn't spend the time I should 
It's a memory I will live with 

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